Service Area

MedClean services the Midwestern region within in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. Through our accreditation and network, we can participate and provide service programs throughout the country through MEDtegrity.

About MEDtegrity

MEDtegrity is nation’s largest network of HLAC accredited laundry facilities, meeting the highest standards for quality and infectious control. The Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) is the authority on laundry standards for the preparation of hygienically clean, reusable healthcare textiles.

1. Assurance for Your Infection Control

HLAC accreditation, defines physical design, ventilation, equipment maintenance, work flow, hazardous materials, pharmaceutical waste, contingency planning, and employee safety. HLAC standards provide a definitive criteria for processing reusable textiles for use in healthcare facilities throughout the country.

2. Centralized Services, A Simplified Program

One Agreement: One agreement covers all locations — whether you have multiple facilities in a single market, facilities that span one or more regions, or a nationwide network. Same pricing, same terms.

One Contact: One contact person for all communications: to add or change services, resolve problems, or provide cost reports and analysis.

One Invoice: MEDtegrity can provide a single invoice consolidating all deliveries nationwide at a billing frequency that’s convenient for you.

3. Healthcare Expertise on Product & Service Quality

  • Each commercial laundry is independently owned and operated, with ownership directly involved in every market.
  • The commercial laundry network has a 97% customer surveyed, on-time delivery rating.
  • Each laundry has advanced, computer controlled delivery systems and wash formulas designed to hygienic standards.
  • Every product line is specialized for healthcare, including patient apparel, scrubs, jackets, lab coats, surgery, and environmental products.
  • Invoicing is transparent, straightforward, and promised with accuracy.
  • The network services a broad range of surgical centers, medical practices, and variety of outpatient facilities.