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Bed Linen & Towels

It’s simple: A fresh, clean appearance, as well as comfort, matters!  At MedClean, providing outstanding attention to your needs is the fabric of our success – it is woven through every aspect of our business. Our bed linens let the customer know we care for their comfort – who wants to lay on scratchy paper? Our towels are not only soft and absorbent, they are crisp and fresh.

Enhance your image with MedClean rental services. MedClean’s fresh linens and towels are available in a wide range of sizes to meet your needs. Please call or email us for more details.

Lab Coats, Patient Gowns & Scrubs

Provide your patients with improved comfort and dignity!
Provide your professionals with a professional image!

How your patients look and feel is an important part of wellness. That is why MedClean provides the most attractive, clean and comfortable cloth gowns available. MedClean gowns will provide the coverage and privacy your patients expect from a professional facility.  How your Healthcare Professionals look and feel is an important part of having a professional and hygienic image. MedClean’s high quality, freshly pressed garments will enhance you facility’s professional image. We can design a uniform program to meet the needs of your staf, as well as provide embroidered, personalized wearing apparel for each member of your staff.

MedClean provides all sizes and colors of lab coats, patient gowns and scrubs to meet your needs. Please call or email us for more details.